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UFCW Local 770 Medical Cannabis Workers Facts

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Local 770 is pleased to announce that we have been recognized as the bargaining representative for the workers at ten medical cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles and we plan to continue our organizing campaign at a number of other dispensaries throughout the city of Los Angeles. The UFCW International and Local 770 already represent pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as well as other health care workers and we view these workers as another part of the ever-expanding health care industry. We are joining other UFCW locals in Northern California, Colorado and Michigan who have already negotiated contracts covering cannabis workers.

We are hopeful that unionization will bring more professionalism and stability to this new sector of the health care industry. The opportunity to bargain collectively should certainly bring better training, less turn over, and better pay and benefits to these workers. The workers themselves clearly view unionization as a way to guarantee good jobs with livable wages.

Medical cannabis is currently a legal industry in California and Local 770 is only seeking to represent workers at legitimate dispensaries that are providing medical cannabis to ill patients who have legal prescriptions from a medical provider. We recognize that many illegitimate operators have sprung up recently throughout Los Angeles and we are working with Americans for Safe Access and the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance to ensure that the dispensaries we organize adhere to the law, obtain all necessary permits, pay all required taxes (including payroll taxes) and maintain financial transparency. In addition, we are supporting all efforts in the city of Los Angeles to close down any illegitimate or irresponsible marijuana operations.

There are well over 3,000 people in the city of Los Angeles who work in the medical cannabis industry and these workers deserve the same dignity and respect on the job as any other workers. This union has always stood on the side of workers while we have tried to stay away from taking on a stand on divisive issues that do not affect the lives of working people. Regardless of how we may feel about the legalization of medical marijuana, however, as trade unionists, we have a duty to stand up for these workers and workers everywhere.

Local 770 is proud to welcome the medical cannabis workers into our union and to stand with them in their struggle to improve their lives.

Local 770 Welcoming New Medical Cannabis Members