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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here please e-mail the Union at: or call your local area office.


Los Angeles(213) 487-7070
Harbor City(310) 784-5340
Camarillo(805) 383-3300
Bakersfield (Kaiser Members)(661) 323-2866
Arroyo Grande(805) 481-5661
Huntington Park (323) 923-1510
Santa Barbara(805) 681-0770



Important message for e-mail users:

Due to the possibility of technical difficulties on the web which are outside of the control of Local 770, members should not e-mail any grievances or other concerns which are urgent and require immediate attention. Thank you.

Q. What do I do if I feel my employer is harassing me?

Local 770 members who are the subject of Employer harassment should immediately contact their Business Representative and explain the nature of the problem. Do not refuse to perform a job (unless your health or safety are at risk) or become insubordinate. Report the incident as soon as possible after it occurs so that it can be properly investigated.



Q. What if my manager asks me to work off the clock?

You should explain that off the clock work is prohibited by law and that you object to such a requirement.Q. What should I do if my manager or security forces me to participate in an interrogation interview?

If you believe that as a result of the interview you may be disciplined, immediately request that you be permitted to call your Business Representative before participating in the interview. Your company must wait a reasonable amount of time for the representative to arrive before beginning the interview.

Q. Which food stores in Southern California are unionized?

Alberstons, Food 4 Less, Gelson's, El Super, Hows, Mayfair, Super A, Vons, Ralphs, Max, Pioneer, Stater Bros, Pavilion.

Q. Which drug stores in Southern California are unionized?

All Rite Aid, some CVS and Sav-on Drug stores.

Q. What is ''Market Share?''

Market Share is the percent of the industry that is unionized. The more stores which have a union contract, the stronger our contracts can be. When our stores must compete with non-union stores which pay lower wages and less benefits, the job and income security of Local 770 members is weakened. For more information about the Market Share Program visit the web page: Market Share

Q. How can I get involved with the Union?

If you are already a Local 770 member, you can participate in our picket lines at non-union stores. For more information concerning ongoing picket lines, call 1-800-UFCW-770 or (213)487-7070 ext. 7117. Membership meetings are held quarterly.

Q. How do I organize my workplace?

If you are not a member, but would like to learn more about organizing your workplace call Local 770's organizing department at 1-800-UFCW-770 or (213)487-7070 ext. 7120.

Q. What is the union's position on affirmative action?

Local 770 opposes any efforts to eliminate or weaken affirmative action laws. The diversity of our members is increasing and we support all efforts to protect the advancement of women and minorities.

Q. What is the Active Ballot Club?

The Active Ballot Club is the UFCW political action committee. Its purpose is to endorse and support candidates and issues which protect working people. You can become a member and help insure that historical rights of working men and women such as the 8-hour day and health and safety protections are not eliminated. For more information about how to join contact your Business Representatives or visit the web page: Active Ballot Club

Q. How do I change my medical plan?

If you work in a retail food or drug store or a Kaiser, call the union's food or drug medical department at 1-800-UFCW-770 or (213)487-7070 and enter 3 .


Q. What do I do if I see employees working off the clock?

You should document the time and day of the off the clock work. This specific information should be reported to your Business Representative. Allegations which are accompanied by specific facts are always easier to defend. Also note who else may have observed the off the clock work.

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