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Support Medical Cannabis Workers

Local 770 dispensary workers at two medical cannabis dispensaries are celebrating the ratification of their first union contractL 770 Dispensary Victory 10 07 13. Workers at Greenhouse Herbal Center and LA Wonderland-Hot Zone in Los Angeles have negotiated contracts that will raise standards at their dispensaries while ensuring that the dispensaries adhere to labor laws and industry standards.

Workers view this contract as a victory not only for themselves, but also for their patients and for the future of their industry.

Beyond their workplace organizing efforts, these workers joined with Local 770 to help pass a city-wide voter initiative, Proposition D, that regulates medical cannabis dispensaries. Signing their first collective bargaining agreement is the next step in bringing dignity and order to a still volatile industry and ensuring the enforcement of basic labor laws and industry standards.

Workers also secured regular raises, paid time off and a grievance procedure. The contract language improves regulatory standards and defines respect in the workplace.

“My favorite part of the contract is having regular raises,” said Ksenia, a worker at LA Wonderland-Hot Zone. “It makes me feel more serious and secure about this job.”

The UFCW represents thousands of medical cannabis workers in six states and the District of Columbia. UFCW members in the cannabis industry work predominantly in dispensaries, coffee shops, bakeries, patient identification centers, hydroponics stores, and growing and training facilities.

UFCW Local 770 comes out on top! Wins two top-priority races in historic L.A. election

Top Priority Races Win!
  • Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor
  • Prop D, Medical Cannabis Initiative
  • Mike Feuer, City Attorney
  • Curren Price Los Angeles City Council, 9th District
United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 770 won their top-priority races in Los Angeles.  These candidates and proposition will help Local 770 members and the labor movement in championing the rights of working people.

The Los Angeles Times Endorses Prop. D

Los Angeles Times Editorial

Of the three on the ballot, only Measure D will put L.A. on the right road. It deserves a yes vote.

A medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. (Los Angeles Times)

The regulation of medical marijuana in Los Angeles is a mess and has been ever since Proposition 215 was approved by California voters in November 1996.

Prop. D is best of 3 L.A. ballot measures on medical pot: Editorial

By: Los Angeles News Group

The fact there are three initiatives concerning medical marijuana on L.A.'s May 21 ballot is a reminder that the proliferation of dispensaries is a complicated problem with a haze of proposed solutions.

UFCW Medical Cannabis Members Attend National Conference to Educate Members of Congress

UFCW members in the medical cannabis industry discussed strategies to protect workers at the National Unity Cannabis Conference.

UFCW members in the medical cannabis industry from Locals 5 and 770, along with medical cannabis staff from UFCW Locals 7 and 881, gathered in Washington, D.C., to share ideas with other medical cannabis activists at the first National Unity Cannabis Conference.
The conference featured medical and legal experts, elected officials, as well as seasoned advocates from the U.S. and overseas. It was an opportunity for UFCW members to discuss Labor’s role in the medical cannabis industry and how to develop strategies that protect the interests of workers as the industry continues to grow.
Today, 18 states and the District of Columbia allow legal access to medical marijuana for over one million Americans whose doctors have recommended it. In those states, UFCW members work in accordance with state laws to provide safe access to medical treatment for qualifying patients.
UFCW members ended the conference on Monday with lobby visits on Capitol Hill to educate their representatives in Congress about the impact of the conflict between state and federal medical laws on workers’ job security. They also urged the representatives to support proposed legislations HR 710 and HR 689 designed to provide for the rescheduling of medical marijuana and for an affirmative defense for the medical use of medical marijuana.
“The conference was very helpful to us,” said Jeff Jones, a UFCW Local 5 member who works at the Patient ID Center in Oakland, Calif. “UFCW members have a lot of work to do to educate Congress about the challenges that we face as workers in the medical marijuana industry.”
“Our goal is to give them the dignity that their sincerity deserves,” said Dan Rush, director of the medical cannabis and hemp division of the UFCW, in regards to workers in the medical cannabis industry. He added, as noted in a Bloomberg article, that “this is a growth industry, and people are looking for jobs.”

Bid to overturn L.A. pot shop ban qualifies for ballot

Activists seeking to strike down a ban on medical marijuana outlets in Los Angeles saw their challenge qualify for the ballot Monday, dealing a setback to the city's latest attempt at a crackdown.


Marijuana referendum qualifies for city ballot

City Clerk June Lagmay just announced that the proponents of a referendum to undo the Los Angeles City Council ban on medical marijuana outlets submitted enough signatures to force the issue. Or, as Lagmay's office puts it, "has achieved sufficiency."