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The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770 Organizes Workers at Two Pasadena Cannabis Dispensaries

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), Local 770 announced Friday it has organized cannabis dispensary employees at UFD Apothecary (2982 E Colorado Blvd #105, Pasadena) and the Golden State Collective (50 N Mentor Ave, Pasadena).

UFCW Local 770 is already the largest union of dispensary employees in Southern California, and the addition of the two Pasadena shops marks the local union’s first successful organizing of dispensaries located beyond the City of Los Angeles.

“Our union’s mission is to ensure that all workers in the industries we represent have good, secure jobs that pay living wages, and enable our members to provide for themselves and their families,” said Rick Icaza, UFCW Local 770 President. “With the 2015 passage of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, and Proposition 64 last November, cannabis is positioned to become the fastest-growing segment of our union. Our victories in Pasadena mark a significant first step toward making that a reality.”

The new union members said they are excited to enjoy the advantages of a union job.

Bernice Caro, an employee at UFD Apothecary, said: “I voted to join Local 770 to ensure my rights on the job are protected, and to win better wages, and benefits for my future.”

“Having a union will allow us to have our voices heard,” said Nalleli Santiago, and employee at Golden State Collective. “By negotiating a contract we would have security in our workplace while being a part of a bigger team devoted to caring for patients.”

UFCW Local 770 represents workers in retail food, retail pharmacies, packinghouses, food processing plants, and medical cannabis dispensaries.

Originally chartered by the Retail Clerks Association, Local 770 has been representing workers in Los Angeles County since 1937 and has grown from a modest 200 individuals to a 30,000 member organization with members in Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo & Kern counties.