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Get the latest information about contract negotiations between UFCW Local 770 and your employer

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Learn more about why joining UFCW Local 770 can provide great benefits to you and your family

Becoming a Union member is the best way you can improve your life and your family's future.

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These are companies who refuse to allow employees to organize. Support the right of collective bargaining... Do Not Patronize!

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As more and more non-union stores open and unionized stores close our strength as a union diminishes.

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Without doubt one great advantage of being a union member is better than average wages and benefits.

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You can get information, answers to questions, keep up on the latest news, and even talk to other UFCW members through many different ways online. Take a minute to bookmark the following sites, follow us online, and sign up for our emails:
UFCW's main website, with information about the union, our industries, and important news updates.
UFCW's Spanish-language website.
UFCW's website dedicated to news and issues affecting meatpacking and food processing workers.
UFCW's website dedicated to bargaining news and issues in retail food industry.
UFCW's political action website, with information about political campaigns, legislative issues, UFCW's PAC, and online actions you can take.
UFCW's blog, with daily posts about important issues in the news and the work UFCW and our locals do - from organizing, to bargaining, to community involvement, to political advocacy - including photos and video.