Originally chartered by the Retail Clerks Association, Local 770 has been representing the interests of retail workers in Los Angeles County since 1937 and has grown from a modest 200 individuals to a 30,000 member organization.

LA Labor Throws Full Support Behind El Super Workers

The LA Labor movement announced their full support behind the consumer BOYCOTT of the highly profitable Latino grocery chain, El Super. This is the first major supermarket boycott called by LA Labor in over a decade.

Educating Leaders And Activists To Build The Labor Movement

Since its inception in 1978, the Labor Center at Los Angeles Trade Technical College has motivated and trained more than 25,000 union members, activists, and leaders from unions throughout the region. They come together, earning college credit, to learn and share experiences and ideas on building their unions. These leaders have helped transform the Los Angeles Labor Movement into one of the nation’s strongest and most influential voices for working families.

Today, Marc Perrone, a labor leader who has committed four decades to fighting for hard working families, was elected International President of the 1.3 million member United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW). As a proud leader and member of the UFCW, Perrone has long fought to organize more members, bargain the best contracts possible, and hold irresponsible corporations accountable. His values as a labor leader have been defined by the belief that every worker has the right to a decent living, a reliable schedule, quality affordable health care, and respect on the job.

January 2015 - Several weeks ago Albertsons / Safeway announced the stores that would be divested as a result of their mr and also announced that Haggen, a grocer from the Pacific Northwest, would buy all of the divested stores in Southern California. This is good news!

We have learned from our sister unions in the Pacific Northwest that Haggen has a history of good relationships with labor. It was the pressure we exerted with Attorney General Kamala Harris that resulted in having a union buyer, such as Haggen, acquire all the divested stores. This outcome assures not only our members’ jobs but also the trust fund hours we need to pay for their health and pension benefits.

A Letter from UFCW Local 1442 President Michael Straeter thanking 770 for our efforts to preserve union jobs and market share during the Vons/Albertsons merger.

President Ricardo F. Icaza and Secretary-Treasurer John M. Grant discuss proposed acquisition of Vons/Safeway by Albertsons, with noted anti-trust attorney Michael J. Strumwasser.




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