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Update on National Negotiations 

Los Angeles, September 19 - National negotiations continued from Monday morning until Wednesday evening, when the parties agreed to call for a break in ongoing talks. We addressed many issues including unresolved issues from local bargaining, pay raises, educational benefits, dental coverage improvements, retiree medical coverage, and a process to get the Partnership back on track.

Bargaining will continue shortly as the parties work to reach a final settlement before the expiration of our National Agreement on September 30.

We will post updates here as soon as they become available.

Biggest-Ever Union Rally Boosts Union Negotiators 
as National Bargaining Heads Into Extra Innings

Anaheim, July 9 – After an unprecedented show of strength by more than 2,500 union members who rallied at national bargaining, labor and management reached a few tentative agreements, but called for more bargaining on August 28-29 to finalize a new National Agreement. 

“On Sunday morning, our members delivered the message that we must secure a fair raise for all, protect our benefits, and get partnership back on track,” said Mark Stewart of UFCW Local 21. “Management heard us, and they will keep hearing from us for the rest of the summer – and into September if necessary. We will not rest until we have a good agreement for every member of our Alliance.”

Record-breaking Rally: More than 2,500 union members – more union members than have ever gathered in the 20-plus years of Partnership bargaining – flooded the ballroom, hallways, and an adjoining ballroom at the Hilton Orange County on a steaming-hot Sunday morning. Music blared, friends greeted each other, and a festive atmosphere of unity prevailed.

“In the 25 years I’ve been with labor, I’ve never seen such a powerful mobilization,” said Denise Duncan of UNAC/UHCP. She called KP’s proposal to allow shifts to be cancelled with as little as two hours’ notice “absolutely unconscionable.” She recalled her years as an RN with previous employers who would cancel shifts two or three times a pay period, leaving co-workers unable to pay bills, and retiring in poverty. “We need to keep up our mobilization to protect our paychecks and our pensions, and we’re going to make sure our families have what they need at the end of each and every pay period!”

The Steelworkers’ Valery Robinson called on Alliance members to “take this rally back to your workplace, stay fired up and focused – all summer long. Keep telling our story and wearing our colors, stickers and buttons on Union Days.” She also cautioned members against falling for rumors or divisive tactics from non-Alliance unions who want to see our members fail.

Alliance Bargaining Goals: Union members listened and applauded as Alliance speakers presented our Union interests to the management bargaining team, emphasizing that if KP wants to continue to provide industry-leading care, they must also continue to provide industry-leading wages and working conditions – for all Alliance unions.

Bill Rouse of UNAC/UHCP presented Union bargaining interests to the management bargaining team, beginning with building a better Partnership. In a bargaining survey, 76% of UNAC/UHCP members agreed that “I am committed to the LMP.” Rouse respectfully questioned whether management shares our commitment, with only 40% of members saying they had even received LMP training. 

Rouse also called on management to honor past agreements. Of greatest concern are the past agreements around staffing and inpatient staffing ratios. He noted that in spite of our clear agreements on outsourcing/insourcing, a senior KP executive recently distributed an email congratulating a subordinate for outsourcing work. “This is a failure of leadership and a failure of sponsorship at a senior level,” he said. 

The Alliance called for a solution to the growing part-time workforce. “Managers need more staff, but they can’t get a full-time position approved. They can’t even get a part-time position approved. But they can get a per diem approved,” which must explain why a full one-fifth of Alliance Union members are per diems working more than 1,000 hours a year. “The workers get stuck there, without the full benefits they deserve.” 

The Alliance called on KP to continue to pay market-leading wages and to preserve benefits – for all Alliance Unions. KP operates in six of the 10 most expensive areas of the country. In some areas, limited wage increases have meant that workers’ wages have actually fallen in real terms. 

A few tentative agreements: There was some progress made during July 8-9 bargaining. The full bargaining committee (CIC) gave consensus to some proposals from the Operations and Partnership subgroups. 

The Operations subgroup balanced management concerns around flexibility with union concerns around involving unions in decision-making early in the process. A subgroup proposal got CIC consensus: in regions where there is not an existing framework with established timelines for issues related to flexibility, (the parties will) create an early engagement and timely implementation decision-making framework. 

From the Partnership subgroup, consensus was reached on developing a partnership “playbook/operating manual” outlining the “go-to” approach to getting things done; repurposing a group to be called the National LMP Learning Group to develop and update LMP curriculum; and providing all newly hired – as well as newly-organized and newly-accreted – employees with LMP training with 90 days of hire. 

To accommodate the local bargaining schedules, national bargaining will reconvene August 28-29. Your Union Representatives will be communicating with you over the coming weeks about actions you can take at your facilities to win the best contract possible.

Minimal Progress Made in June 25-26 Bargaining
Join Hundreds of Union Members Sunday, July 8 in Orange County!

Orange County, June 26 – Union negotiators initially made some progress addressing labor and management interests. But by the second day, negotiators had to contend with:

Management proposals that were made and then withdrawn
Management proposal to eliminate 15-year old “provisions in the National or Local Agreements that prohibit the employer from canceling or reassigning staff.”  
Kaiser proposed to be able to cancel shifts without pay up to two hours before shift start time, proposing to pay for half of the shift if the cancellation is less than two hours before start time.
The economic subgroup made limited progress:
The union emphasized improvement of benefits, and significant wage increases for all Alliance union members.
Management conversely proposed increased health care co-pays.
Based on this discouraging progress, union leaders are calling for union members to attend bargaining on Sunday, July 8. “This is the eleventh hour,” said Alliance Chair Kathleen Theobald. “This is when we need union members to show up and let Kaiser know we care.” 

The Operational Effectiveness subgroup:
Negotiators discussed forecasting the work of the future and staff.
Management again called for flexibility, and the unions stressed that the key to flexibility is engaging labor early in the change process, before decisions are made.
“All the things that we’re trying to tackle really stem from the need to have meaningful participation from labor,” explained subgroup Union Co-Lead Lisa Loucks of UFCW Local 555.

The group stressed fully including labor in forecasting and planning for the work of the future, and addressing barriers to placing employees who have achieved higher qualifications within Kaiser.

It was in this subgroup that management called to end the no-cancellation policy. 

The Partnership subgroup:
Focused on improving access to LMP training. “We need to ensure that from the first time they walk through the door, new frontline workers and managers are trained in how to work in partnership and what the expectations are,” said Valery Robinson, USW 7600 President. “We don’t want to go backwards.”

To speed the development of updated national curriculum, an agreement was reached to empower a national LMP Learning Group that will report quarterly to the LMP Executive Committee.

The group discussed tightening up and improving training standards for new hires.

The union negotiating team also continued to advance proposals to require minimum hours of LMP training every year for every employee, and to expand the current 4-hour LMP Orientation to a full 8-hour LMP Orientation class.

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Come to Bargaining

Sunday, July 8, 10:00 am
at the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa
For more information, contact your local union


Talks resume in Los Angeles

The Alliance Unions completed our first round of bargaining last week. After kickoff speeches in plenary session late Tuesday, May 22, the parties spent most of the remaining time working in two bargaining subgroups – Commitment to Partnership and Operational Effectiveness.
As in every national negotiations since 2000, the parties are using interest-based bargaining, which has helped us protect our industry-leading wages, benefits, and voice at work through partnership. Over the three-day session, Union negotiators and observers caucused together, and in subgroups, to refine our union interests and begin brainstorming solutions.

Bargaining Topic Subgroups:

The Commitment to Partnership sub-group is charged with strengthening partnership expectations and accountabilities, and developing a common understanding of success. More specific deliverables include improving the timeliness and effectiveness of problem-solving processes; developing an implementation plan to train new hires, mid-level union and management leaders, and frontline workers; and enhancing union growth within KP.
The Operational Effectiveness subgroup is asked to develop recommendations to measure performance improvements; improve implementation of current language on joint staffing, budgeting, and planned replacement; improve timely union engagement in operational decision-making; and encourage innovation and flexibility in meeting organizational goals.
A separate subgroup is meeting periodically to address economic issues including wages and benefits. The Economic Subgroup had an initial meeting on Thursday, May 24, to begin that work.

Union perspectives:

Karla Langer of UFCW Local 7 said our goal is to build on previous agreements – our employment and income security, our voice in decisions that affect our work, and the provisions of the current National Agreement.  “We want to emerge with a stronger partnership, with greater accountability, adequate training, and enforcement of our agreements at the local level.” She explained that when labor is involved from the beginning, “we get much more effective decisions.”

We are at the national table this week, Wednesday, May 30 through Saturday, June 2. 

Alliance-Kaiser Bargaining: It’s On!

May 23, Anaheim, California – The bargaining team for the Alliance Unions assembled on Tuesday in Anaheim and got right down to work. After we reached agreement with management on an updated version of the original 1997 LMP Agreement, bargaining has officially opened! 

At the evening bargaining kick-off session, bargainers and Union observers heard speeches by representatives from the Unions, management, and the Permanente Federation. 

“The last few months have been a little rocky but now that both Kaiser and the Alliance have shown that we are fundamentally committed to the partnership, I am excited that bargaining is moving forward” said UFCW Pharmacy Techncian, Charity Jemison. “We have a united purpose: to make Kaiser Permanente the BEST place to work and the BEST place to receive care. Partnership has got to be authentic, and it has to be about actions, not just words.”

“Executive sponsorship is the key to success of every undertaking at Kaiser, including Partnership,” said Alliance Executive Director Peter DiCicco. “And, Partnership is not simply the UBTs,” he added. “Rather, Partnership brings the unions to the table when there are problems identified, not when the solution has already been decided. The point of entry into decision-making is critical to us.”

Bargaining resumes next week, Wednesday through Saturday, May 30-June 2. The 21 Local Unions in the Alliance are united, ready, and looking forward to finalizing a strong new collective bargaining agreement this summer.

The Alliance of Health Care Unions includes UNAC/UHCP and HGEA (AFSCME), UFCW Locals 1167, 135, 1428, 1442, 324, 770, 555, 7, 1996, 27, 400, and 21, USW Local 7600, IBT Local 166, KPNAA, IUOE Local 501 and Local 1, OFNHP (AFT Local 5017), and ILWU Local 28. Together, we represent over 45,000 members across hundreds of job classifications in nearly every geographic area where Kaiser Permanente has a presence. This alliance of like-minded unions shares a deep commitment to each other, as well as to a partnership with Kaiser Permanente. 

Alliance Bargaining Update - 05/07/2018

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Alliance Bargaining Update - 05/03/2018

We continue to move toward reaffirmation of the Partnership and national bargaining between our new Alliance of Health Care Unions and Kaiser Permanente.

In recent discussions with our Alliance Executive Board, KP senior management expressed interest in affirming a new Partnership.

The next step toward bargaining: Kaiser Permanente has invited the leaders of all unions who represent employees at Kaiser to attend a national labor summit on Monday, May 7 in Oakland.

New national bargaining dates are expected to be scheduled soon.

You will receive updated information to follow next week’s meeting.

Alliance Bargaining Update - 04/17/2018

There have been some new developments surrounding the Kaiser negotiations and we want to make sure that you are informed as we continue in our efforts to secure our contract.
Local 770, along with 20 other local unions, recently withdrew from The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. We have established a new alliance that will better position us as we advocate for you, our member. Our new union alliance will build on the positive aspects of the prior coalition, while addressing the organizational issues that deterred us from the united negotiations we had hoped to achieve. While we, the members of the new alliance have chosen to withdraw from the coalition, we remain committed members of the Labor-Management Partnership as signatories of the current national agreement fully provide. We will continue to work with the LMP as we approach negotiations for our members.
As you know from Kaiser Permanente’s all-employee email recently, Kaiser chose not to bargain with the existing coalition this week, and they have canceled the April 10-12 sessions. Management told us they want to step back and talk to all partnership locals before they re-engage in any bargaining process. We will meet with management soon to discuss our vision for the future.
Moving forward, we ask that you remain supportive of all union members in the workplace. While the new alliance is in dispute with the coalition’s leadership, we stand in support of their rank-and-file members and we ask that you continue to work peaceably with your coworkers. You may hear rumors around the workplace concerning some of these recent changes. However, we encourage you to turn to your UFCW Union Representatives and stewards with your questions or concerns. They have the most accurate and up-to-date information and will keep you in the know as we proceed with contract negotiations.
Rest assured, our goals remain the same. We will bargain strong agreements on two fronts, achieving a great national agreement for all the members of our new alliance while winning improvements as we re-bargain agreements on the local level. Even with these changes, we plan to be done with negotiations by September 30th when our current agreement expires.
We know that the future for all of us is bright as we work together in solidarity with our strong membership to bargain contracts this year. You are an integral part of this fight, and we appreciate your continued support.

We will keep you updated during the negotiation process.

Kaiser Permanente Performance Sharing Program
April 20, 2016  Update - PSP Bonuses Secured!
Congratulations! We showed what Union solidarity looks like. Because we raised our voices—50,000-strong in the Southern California region—each full-time Coalition union-represented employee will receive upwards to $900 in a special payment in lieu of the 2015 Performance Sharing Program (PSP) bonus.
This is a much better solution than the employer’s original offer of a special payment of $215 dollars per employee in lieu of the payout for the PSP—which we bargained in the National Agreement to recognize and reward the hard work that our frontline workers put into KP’s growth and reputation for excellent care and service.
In the next Friday paycheck, April 29, 2016, the employer will make a one-time payment of:
  • $900 for employees who work 1800 or more eligible hours in a year
  • $500 for employees who work 500 to 1,799 eligible hours
  • $250 for (per-diem) employees who work less than 500 eligible hours
You didn’t hesitate, through petitions, stickers, letters and calls, to send the message that you contributed to Kaiser’s 2015 successes. For almost 20 years, the members of the Coalition Unions and Local 770,  have stuck together to win industry-leading wages and benefits—as well as maintain the best workplace and the best care. Thank you for stepping up and speaking out, just like you do each day on behalf of Kaiser Permanente members and patients.

March 31, 2016  (PSP Bonus Update)
On March 28th, UFCW and the Coalition of affected unions met again with Kaiser regarding the PSP bonus issue. Kaiser’s latest offer to our members was $500. We rejected their offer and told them that their offer did not reward our members appropriately for their 2015 performance - while other non-represented members and some departments of management did receive their bonus for their their performance.
UFCW remains determined to achieve a FAIR performance payout for our union members. The idea behind the performance payout is simple. We work hard, our organization is remarkably successful, and we should all share fairly in that success.
We worked very hard every day of 2015, helping our region achieve:

• A whopping $564 million operating margin
• Even greater success in service and quality than in 2014
• All while we served more members than ever before.

We did our part, and now management has to do their part. It’s not complicated.
To win a fair performance payout, we need to keep sharing our message. We have developed an escalation plan to continue to put pressure on Kaiser to fairly compensate our members for the work they have done. We will be communicating the details of that plan shortly.
In the meantime, stay strong, stay united and spread this message broadly.  Our brothers and sisters at the UFCW Western States Council, UFCW's Political and Legislative Council have joined in our fight and to help spread the word.  For information go to

Update 03/17/2016

Thank you to those of you who signed the Kaiser (PSP) Performance Sharing Program online petition.
On Monday, the delegation was successful in getting Kaiser's attention by delivering thousands of petitions to Kaiser management.  As a result of your efforts, we now have meetings scheduled with management to discuss and address our demands. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more information.
The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions met yesterday with Kaiser Permanente to discuss the 2015 payout for the Performance Sharing Program (PSP) in the Southern California region.  Kaiser Permanente informed us that
“due to unforeseen expenses that occurred late last year, the necessary financial gate for a bonus did not open.”  As a result, there is no payout for 2015.
In lieu of the PSP payout, Kaiser Permanente offered a “special payment” of $215 dollars per Coalition-union represented employee.  Local 770 and the Coalition strongly disagree with this approach for our union members. You are the driving force behind the growth of Kaiser Permanente and the growth of our union.  Thus, we believe that the people who make Kaiser Permanente successful should be rewarded appropriately.
Coalition Union leaders will continue to discuss the matter with Kaiser Permanente management and keep our union members informed.
Click the links below to download pay scale infromation for Union Kaiser employees.

New Tentative Agreement Reached

After 10 weeks of bargaining, our Union Coalition bargaining team emerged at 6 am Saturday, June 6, with a tentative agreement for our best-ever national contract. The nearly 150 union, management and physician representatives approved the tentative three-year package. The agreement now goes to a Union Delegate Conference for endorsement on June 16, then to our 28 Coalition local unions for ratification and to Kaiser Permanente senior leadership for its approval.

CW Members Join Other Unions for Leadership Workshops and Trainings at Kaiser Conference

Members from UFCW Locals 7, 27, 135, 324, 400, 555, 770, 1428, and 1996 attended the annual Union Delegate Conference for Kaiser Permanente workers in San Jose, Calif. The theme of the conference, which took place April 13-15, was “Walk, Talk, Lead Change.” There, UFCW members attended workshops on leadership roles in the workplace.
UFCW members are part of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, which includes nearly 100,000 members from 30 different unions. The coalition was formed in 1997 as a way to transform the relationship between workers and managers. The partnership involves workers, managers, and physicians in a joint decision-making and problem-solving process that is based on common interests from all parties. Workers covered by the partnership include registered nurses, pharmacists, maintenance and service workers, technicians, psychologists, lab scientists, and many others.
The Union Delegate Conference is also an opportunity for UFCW members to participate in collective bargaining with other unions who are part of the coalition. The entire coalition bargains together as a whole for their contract. Next year, the Union Delegate Conference will focus on collective bargaining and negotiations for their new contract since the current one is set to expire in July 2015.

Results of the Kaiser Contract Votes
Friday, June 21, 2012

Clinical Lab Scientists - Overwhelmingly Approved!
Pharmacy - Overwhelmingly Approved!

Kern County -All - Overwhelmingly Approved!
Kern Administrative Specialists -Overwhelmingly Approved!

Please contact your Union Representative if you have any questions.






Tentative agreement reached between Kaiser and the Coalition of Unions
Friday, May 11, 2012

We are pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached between Kaiser and the Coalition of Unions, including UFCW. Details of the agreement will be released at the Delegate Conference on Saturday May 19. Following the delegates’ conference meeting notices and voting information will be sent to all UFCW Kaiser Members.

This settlement resulted from strong union solidarity and we appreciate all members who participated by wearing stickers and showing their support.

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KP and Union Coalition leaders open talks - LMP
Nearly 400 members of the Common Issues Committee, observers from the unions, managers, staff and facilitators gathered March 6 in Los Angeles to kick-off negotiations for a new National Agreement. This is the fifth round of national bargaining since the Labor Management Partnership was created in 1997. These talks are likely to be the largest labor contract talks in the United States this year.

Fundamental to these negotiations is interest-based bargaining, which is significantly different from traditional contract negotiations. “Because we take the time to understand each others’ interests, we have much better outcomes in the end,” said Bernard Tyson, president and chief operating officer.

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