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Firefighters Have Our Back

We are not alone in our fight for fair wages to support ourselves and our families.  Our brothers and sisters from UFLAC Firefighter IAFF Local 112 stand with us!  Attached is the message from Frank Lima, 10th District Vice-President International Association of Fire Fighters union urging his members to honor UFCW's boycott actions.

Fire fighters have our back! Please be sure to join a boycott action this Saturday. Click for Schedule

Support the Labor Boycott of Food 4 Less Stores in Los Angeles

A request has been made by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) to support their workers and respect their current boycott against Food 4 Less stores in Los Angeles.

For decades now, UFLAC has worked closely with our brothers and sisters at the UFCW. Time after time, the UFCW has supported UFLAC; now, it's our turn to support their efforts and honor their request to refrain from shopping at Food 4 Less stores due to their inadequate wages and working conditions for their employees.

We are asking our members to please honor this request and do everything possible to shop at other, non Food 4 Less stores, until this dispute is resolved.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining solidarity and supporting working families in this time of need.

For more information, please click HERE to see the attached flyer.