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Support Union Shops

Why Shop Union?

Without doubt one great advantage of being a union member is better than average wages and benefits. And without doubt, when workers earn good wages the entire community benefits. Good income means there is more money to spend throughout the community and workers with good incomes are not dependent on government subsidies or public health services.

Because union workers on average earn anywhere from 20% to 40% more in hourly wages than non-union, and have superior health and welfare benefits, their spending power is stronger. And in a community a where residents have good incomes better businesses and services are attracted to the community. Therefore, shopping at union stores not only benefits the employee but the local community as a whole.

Support your communities by shopping at the following Local 770 markets:



In addition, union workers at these markets have excellent pensions, and when they retire and remain in community they are able to continue their life styles. Union workers generally enjoy respect and dignity on the job, job security and safer work environments. A portion of consumer dollars go back into the community rather than solely into the pockets of corporate executives.

Keep your community strong...


Stay out of non-union stores!