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Negotiations Updates


June 5, 2017 - Food 4 Less Negotiations Update

After 3 bargaining sessions with Food 4 Less, we have made no progress on the big issues in these negotiations: fair wages, higher minimum hourly guarantees, protection of your medical benefits, and improved scheduling language.  

Although your contract has expired, Food 4 Less is required to continue all provisions as we continue negotiations.  

Food 4 Less is a profitable company because of your hard work.  You deserve a fair contract that allows your family to afford to live in Southern California.  Your Union has made proposals along these lines and we are committed to these goals. 

Stand together for a fair contract.  


Después de tres sesiones de negociación con Food 4 Less, no hemos logrado ningún avance en los grandes temas de estas negociaciones: salarios justos, garantía de horas mínimas de trabajo más altas, protección de tus beneficios médicos y mejor acuerdo sobre programación de horarios.

A pesar de que tu contrato ya venció, Food 4 Less está obligada a continuar con todas las estipulaciones mientras continuamos las negociaciones.

Food 4 Less es una compañía muy lucrativa gracias tu duro trabajo. Tú mereces un contrato justo que permita a tu familia vivir en el Sur de California. Tu Unión ha hecho propuestas al respecto y estamos comprometidos a lograr estas metas.

Mantengámonos unidos por un contrato justo.

May 16, 2017 - Food 4 Less Negotiations Update

Negotiations on your new Union contract began May 12. We are disappointed to report that Food 4 Less does not appear to recognize that your hard work is critical to their success. Management has made proposals which would take away important job protections and could affect your overall pay. This is not acceptable.

Your union has made proposals to improve your living standard and maintain your benefits. We know the cost of living continues to increase and your hard work should allow you to make ends meet.

It is still early in the bargaining process and several additional bargaining sessions have been scheduled in May and June. Even though your contract expires June 4, nothing changes after contract expiration and Food 4 Less must continue to honor all provisions of your contract.

Rumors about the future of Food 4 Less are spreading, but it is important that you understand that these are just rumors. If you have questions about anything you hear, please check with you Union Representative.

You work hard and deserve better. Your unity and strength during this time is critical to our success at the bargaining table. Stand together!


Las negociaciones sobre tu nuevo contrato sindical comenzaron el 12 de mayo. Nos decepciona reportar que Food 4 Less no parece reconocer que tu árduo trabajo es fundamental para el éxito de ellos. La gerencia ha hecho propuestas que eliminarían protecciones laborales importantes y que podrían afectar tu salario en su conjunto. Esto no es aceptable.

Tu Unión ha hecho propuestas para mejorar tu nivel de vida y mantener tus beneficios. Sabemos que el costo de vida sigue aumentando y que tu duro trabajo debería permitirte ganar lo suficiente para vivir.

Aún estamos en la etapa inicial del proceso de negociación y varias sesiones de diálogo han sido programadas para los meses de mayo y junio. A pesar de que tu contrato vence el 4 de junio, no va a cambiar nada después de que se venza el contrato y Food 4 Less debe continuar respetando todas las estipulaciones de tu contrato.

Están corriendo rumores sobre el futuro de Food 4 Less pero es importante que entiendas que éstos son sólo rumores. Si tienes preguntas sobre cualquier cosa que escuches, por favor, comunícate con tu Representante de la Unión.

Tu trabajas muy duro y mereces algo mejor. Tu unidad y fortaleza en estos momentos es fundamental para tener éxito en la mesa de negociaciones. ¡Sigamos unidos!

May 11, 2017 - CVS Negotiations Update

After several bargaining sessions with CVS we can report some progress. However, the most critical issues of guaranteed hours and health care access and affordability have yet to be resolved.  Your Union is standing firm on our position that the company medical plan is inadequate and that everyone deserves a living wage. 

We have several additional bargaining sessions scheduled during May and June.  We have made it clear that you will not accept take away proposals and that we are united in our goals of improving your health benefits and providing more opportunities for you to work the hours necessary to be eligible for benefits as well as increasing your wage rates.   

Your actions in the stores will make the difference.  Management is watching and listening and our united message must be that you deserve better.  CVS is profitable because of your hard work.  You are the reason that customers continue to shop at CVS. 

We urge you to stand together as we continue the bargaining process.  If you have questions, please talk to your Union Representative.  Together we can achieve a fair contract for all with living wages, hours and health care.

May 9, 2017 - Food 4 Less Negotiations Update

Food 4 Less bargaining will begin Friday May 12. Additional negotiation sessions are scheduled for the week of May 15. Based on survey results we received so far, our key issues include adequate wage increases, affordable medical, fair scheduling and weekly hours. We will strongly resist any reductions or take aways in your contract.

Recently, you may have heard rumors that Food 4 Less is for sale, or that Food 4 Less plans to shut down to get rid of the Union. None of this is verified and it is illegal for Food 4 Less to shut down and reopen nonunion. Food 4 Less is profitable and the sales of almost all stores continues to increase. Spreading rumors during negotiations is a management tactic to scare employees in hopes of weakening you and your fellow employees.

Do not trust any rumors you hear. Always check with your Union Representative for the most current information.

Your strength and unity during this time is key to our negotiating the best contract possible.

We will continue to provide updates during the negotiation process.


Las negociaciones con Food 4 Less comenzarán el viernes 12 de mayo. Otras sesiones de negociación adicionales están programadas para la semana del 15 de mayo. En base a los resultados de la encuesta, que hemos recibido hasta el momento, los temas clave para nosotros incluyen aumentos salariales adecuados, seguro médico accesible, horarios y cantidad de horas a la semana justas. Nosotros resistiremos fuertemente en contra de cualquier reducción o pérdidas en su contrato.

Recientemente, usted pudo haber escuchado rumores de que Food 4 Less está a la venta, o que Food 4 Less planea cerrar para deshacerse de la Unión. Nada de esto está comprobado y es ilegal para Food 4 Less que cierre y vuelva a abrir sin Unión. Food 4 Less es una compañía lucrativa y las ventas de casi todas las tiendas continúan aumentando. Difundir rumores durante las negociaciones es una táctica para asustar a los empleados con el objetivo de debilitarlo a usted y a sus compañeros de trabajo.

No confíe en cualquier rumor que escuche. Siempre consulte con su Representante de Unión para obtener información actualizada.

La fortaleza  y unidad que usted demuestre durante este tiempo es clave para negociar el mejor contrato posible. Continuaremos dando información puntual durante el proceso de negociación.

April 5, 2017 - CVS Negotiations Update

Your Union and CVS had our first bargaining session for your new contract on April 5, 2017.  At this meeting your Union presented proposals to improve your contract. These proposals focused on the issues most important to you – affordable and accessible health care, living wages and sufficient hours.

CVS members returned thousands of contract questionnaires and the message is clear: the cost of living in Southern CA has risen considerably but wages have not kept up. Affordable and accessible health care for you and your families is critical, as is a schedule that allows you to make a living while also taking care of personal obligations.

We have several more bargaining sessions scheduled between now and early June. Negotiations can be a long and tough process. The outcome depends on the strength and solidarity of the membership. We will continue to update you on our progress. During this time we urge everyone to remain strong and STAND TOGETHER.  

April 1, 2017 - CVS Negotiations Update

Over 1,000 CVS members have completed their contract survey. The results show that the most important issues are wage increases and health care benefits. The "B" stores are particularly concerned about the high cost of their health benefits and the strict eligibility requirements. Other major concerns include: retirement benefits, respect on the job, insufficient staffing, scheduling practices and hours. 

The Southern California UFCW Locals will be meeting with CVS next week to begin negotiations.

Please contact your Union Representative if you have questions.


Negotiations: Successes in 2016 and Challenges Ahead in 2017


In 2017, we will have to tackle a number of challenging negotiations as well:

  • The Food 4 Less Agreement covering close to 3,000 Local 770 members as well as members of other UFCW Locals throughout Southern California expires June 4, 2017. In 2014, we learned that the Kroger Company, owner of both Food 4 Less and Ralphs, is not always willing to follow the pattern set in the Master Food Agreement. If that happens again in 2017, we are prepared to mobilize an aggressive contract campaign to improve the livelihoods of our Food 4 Less members.
  • The CVS Agreement covering both Clerks and Pharmacists expires June 30, 2017. For the Clerks, this will be our first opportunity to negotiate a new contract since we organized hundreds of new stores in Southern California. Wages that keep pace with the increasing minimum wage in California and some municipalities as well as affordable health care in our newly organized “B” stores will be our priorities. These goals may also require an aggressive contract campaign and significant membership involvement.


We also have a number of packinghouse agreements set to expire this year:


  • The Cenveo/Nashua Agreement covering a small group of paper processing and printing members expires April 1, 2017.
  • The Goldberg & Solovy Meat Agreement and Poultry Agreement expire April 24, 2017.
  • The Overhill Agreement covering several hundred food processing members expires September 15, 2017. These negotiations could present new challenges as well because this Company was recently purchased by CP Foods, a large food conglomerate from Thailand, 
  • The Roger’s Poultry Agreement covering about 100 members also expires later this year on October 1, 2017.


We have a number of challenges ahead in 2017 but we can succeed by preparing for negotiations early and planning aggressive contract campaigns with significant member involvement. If the members stand together, they can achieve successful contracts that protect their livelihoods.



In 2016, we were successful in negotiating some very important contracts:


  • Master Food Agreement covering Albertsons/Vons and Ralphs – Ratified on August 8, 2016, this new 3-year agreement protected the members’ health care and retirement benefits while providing substantial wage increases to both senior and newer members. In addition, this Agreement provides a full week’s notice of the work schedule – a substantial improvement over the three days notice required in the expired Agreement.
  • Gelsons, Stater Brothers, Red Shell, Vicente Foods – Once the Master Food Agreement was settled, these other grocery store Agreements were also settled with substantially similar wage and benefit packages.
  • Super A - Super A members also ratified a new 3-year agreement that protects health care and retirement benefits and provides substantial wage increases. Unfortunately, Super A is the only remaining independent chain operating in areas of the city where their competition is mostly non-union. As a result, the union had to make some compromises to reduce some operating costs on Sundays to make sure that Super A remains in business.
  • Food Pharmacy Agreement covering Pharmacists in Grocery Stores – Ratified in October 2016 after a long struggle, this Agreement also protects the Pharmacists’ health care and pension benefits, provides wage increases, including a retroactive wage increase of $2.00 per hour, and increases scheduling notice to a full week.
  • Farmer John Agreement – Ratified on August 17, 2016, this historic 2-year Agreement brings union solidarity, strength and fairness back to Farmer John workers after struggling for years under a system where workers could receive union representation without paying their fair share. This Agreement provides significant pay increases to most classifications while also guaranteeing workers the fundamental right to use the restroom when needed, restoring the use of frozen sick leave banks, and strengthening worker involvement in the health and safety committee.
  • Baker Commodities Agreement – Ratified in October 2016, this 3-year Agreement protects current health care benefits, improves pension benefits, and provides increases of at least 3% each year of the Agreement for all classifications. In addition, the Company agreed to a new boot allowance and faster accrual of vacation for new employees.


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